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This is Tha New Website...

Welcome at our new productions homepage...
There are a lot of changes as you can see.


 {That we are busy with New Lay-out, our website is with this link active: www.djeak.com/eakproductions..!!!} : 25-05-2019

 {New Lay-out - Coming Soon..!!!} : Ended in 15-08-2021

 {New Lay-out - Coming Soon..!!!} : Started in 15-08-2017

E.A.K-Web Design Shop
  {Coming Soon..!!!} : 10-04-2015

Dj E.A.K a.k.a Dj TATAR - Seydosman Saray Bubbling Remix Version {Coming Soon..!!!} : 26-05-2014

Dj E.A.K a.k.a Dj TATAR - Seydosman Saray Bubbling Version

Happy Birthday --->>> Master Dj E.A.K a.k.a Dj TATAR : 19-04-2014

Our Website is Under Construction! : 26-03-2014

Our Website is Updated Back: 19-03-2014

Dj E.A.K is Back iN AcTiOn: 21-03-2013


You can download our remixes and see a lot more! We hope you will enjoy your stay!

You can download our 1 New remix Update: 26-05-2014

You can download our 3 New remixes Update: 19-05-2008


May you have any questions, just mail us... Dj E.A.K Please use e-mail: djeakakadjtatar@outlook.com

E.A.K Production Forum

E.A.K Production proudly present their new forum. You will find it at: E.A.K-Forum ( Coming Soon... )