E.A.K (EurAsiatic Kingdom) Productions

About us

Here in this section of the website you can get to know more about us.


We are members of E.A.K-Productions. We are a team members with different types.
We are active in the areas of: Deejays, Rappers, Dancers, etc. ..
We consist of four sections, namely:

E.A.K-Productions (Home-Base)

E.A.K-Connections (World)

E.A.K-Records (Z-Town Team)

E.A.K-Crew (Dutch, HOLLAND Team)

Turkish E.A.K-Productions (T�rkish Team)

Hindu E.A.K-Productions (Hindu, Punjabi)

Central Asia E.A.K-Productions (Central Asia = Turan, Turanian - Turkistan, Turkestan )

E.A.K Turkic-Mongols (Turko-Mongols / Turco-Mongols)

Turan E.A.K-Productions (Turan = Balkan - Europe )

Bubbling in Zutphen (Bubbling Team Of Zutphen)

Zutvun Connections (Zutvun Productions)

Z-Town (Crew)

Z-Clan (Crew)

Z-Street (Crew)

De Mars (Marsweg) 1984-2012 (Crew)

Ekizceliler (Crew)

The Masters Productions (Team Of The Masters)

Perfect Combination (Perfect Team)


For more information about our members, please send us an email or a moment by clicking on "Members" ...